Wu Shang Shen Di 2nd Season Episode 214

Wu Shang Shen Di 2nd Season

Other Name: Wu Shang Shen Di 2nd Season, Supreme God Emperor, 无上神帝

Summary: Ten thousand years ago, the immortal king Muyun was conspired by someone for holding the Zhu Xiantu. After ten thousand years of sleep, he awakened on the famous “Trash Muyun” of the Southern Cloud Empire on the Heavenly Fate Continent. When Mu Yun first awakened, he was deliberately made things difficult by the student Miao Xianyu. Mu Yun easily resolved the trap of Miao Xianyu and explained more alchemy skills by analogy, so that the alchemy master outside the door would not appreciate it. Endless. When she returned home, Mu Yun learned that she was going to marry Qin Mengyao,…Continue reading

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