Selector Spread Wixoss Episode 12

Selector Spread Wixoss

Other Name: selector spread WIXOSS, selector spread WIXOSS

Summary: The second series of TV anime Selector Infected WIXOSS series. “cards that possess personalities and wills of their own” = LRIGs card in the card of the card game “WIXOSS” which is very popular mainly among middle and high school students. Only a special girl could hear the voice of LRIGs, and the selectors who owned it were engaged in a card battle in the field to fulfill their “wishes”. Ruko Kominato, who heard LRIGs’s voice when she first picked up WIXOSS, is challenged by Yuzuki Kurebayashi, a student at the same school. Ruuko named her Rurigu Tama and decided to fight as a “Selector” …
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