Sango Shou Densetsu: Aoi Umi no Elfie Episode 1

Sango Shou Densetsu: Aoi Umi no Elfie

Other Name: Coral Reef Legend: Elfie of the Blue Sea, サンゴ礁伝説 青い海のエルフィ

Summary: Futuristic sci-fi cartoons are created by integrating environmental issues, which are problems of modern society, in an easy-to-understand way for children.
World four centuries after this continent was engulfed by massive floods caused by the destruction of nature. Elfi, a girl who loves nature, lives in peace with a boy named Arkas, they are like brothers, but soon discovers that she is an underwater resident of the ancient Mu continent. In Neptune, the land of the human race where she was born and raised, she is trying to promote the development of…Continue reading

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