ReLIFE (Dub) Episode 13

ReLIFE (Dub)

Other Name: Re LIFE

Summary: Relife is a bogus story about Arata, a young man with no stable job, no relationship, and dependent on pensions from his parents, a true NEET. He realized that when he was an adult he had lost a lot of things when he was a teenager. It was completely lost during the 27 years that he used to exist, that life was not right for him, his indomitable effort and will did not change the future.
One day, Arata meets Ryo Yoake, who changed his destiny. Ryo gave Arata a chance. If one day someone tells them they will provide living expenses for one year for free as long as they become a subject for the Relife experiment, then you will be returned…Continue reading

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