Master of Alchemy Episode 12

Master of Alchemy

Summary: In the previous life, although Qin Yichen, the sage of alchemy, possessed the best alchemy in the mainland and was famous all over the world, but because of his mediocre martial arts attainments, he could only helplessly watch his enemy Ouyang Hao Tian stole the martial spirit of his lover Feng Qianxue, and killed Feng Qianxue and his brother Tantai Shuo in front of his eyes. In grief, Qin Yichen was reborn with the help of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Orb, returning to his youth! In this life, Qin Yichen wants to take everything back! Back in Yuxi City when he was a boy, Qin Yichen used alchemy to help Lin Aotian’s family, who had saved his life, rise up and protect them…Continue reading

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