Kingdom 4th Season (Chinese Name) Episode 19

Kingdom 4th Season (Chinese Name)

Other Name: Kingdom 4th Season, Kingdom Season 4, キングダム 第4シリーズ

Summary: ollowing the conclusion of the large-scale coalition campaign, the entirety of China is in a state of economic recovery. The victor of the battle, the state of Qin, is no different. There, the political parties led by Ying Zheng and Buwei Lü continue their inner conflict. Having played the role of king in the coalition battle, Zheng has the trust of the people—but Lü is far from out of the fight. In 18 months, he plans to interrupt Zheng’s coming-of-age ceremony.

Meanwhile, a Zhao army numbering 20,000 troops has set out toward Qin. In the royal court, due to the…Continue reading

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