Hikaru no Go (Dub) Episode 75

Hikaru no Go (Dub)

Other Name: Hikaru no Go, Hikaru’s Go, ヒカルの碁

Summary: Hikaru Shindo is a boy, who found an old go board with stains like blood in his grandfather’s house. When He tried to remove the dirt, the board shone! It as have a voice in that. Someone talked to him out of nowhere. The lord of that “voice” that can only be heard by Hikaru was that of Sai Fujiwara no, a handsome and strong man from the distant Heian period. Sai used to be in the capital of Heian. He held a key position in the role of “Go Guidance” to the Emperor. Sai, who loves Go, feels blissful in playing Go every day. However, Sai was defeated by the envy of him. He was stigmatized and ousted…Continue reading

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