Dragon Quest: Abel Yuusha Densetsu Episode 42

Dragon Quest: Abel Yuusha Densetsu

Other Name: Dragon Warrior, Dragon Quest: Legend of the Hero Abel, ドラゴンクエスト~勇者アベル伝説~

Summary: Tialah, who celebrated her 15th birthday, is a close friend of her childhood friend Abel. Underwater, they found a stone with a mysterious text engraved on it.
Abel, the orthodox successor of the “Dragon King Theory”, stands up with his friends to defeat the evil Emperor of Darkness, Baramos, who plans to conquer the world. Tialah kidnapped by the evil Baramos who wants to use the Red Stone to resurrect The Great Dragon. And Baramos be granted eternal life. Abel swore to rescue Tialah and he is given the Blue Stone, which can only seal…Continue reading

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