Baccano! (Dub) Episode 16

Baccano! (Dub)

Other Name: Baccano!, バッカーノ!

Summary: In 1711, “immortal liquor” obtained from the devil by alchemists aiming for a new world. Those who drank it and became immortal had a strange bonus that they could “eat” with their right hand. And in the 1930s, when the alchemist Cerrado revived the liquor, the fate of people living in the underworld of New York was complicatedly mixed.

1931, New York during the Prohibition era. Firo belongs to the Martillo family. Unfamiliar people are beginning to take advantage of his childhood friend, the territory of the Gandor family. Luck, the third son of the Gandor brothers, summons a hitman “Vino” to New York as a…Continue reading

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