Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden (TV) Episode 13

Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden (TV)

Other Name: Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story, Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record, マギアレコード 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ外伝 (TV)

Summary: Magical girls who keep fighting in secret in exchange for the fulfillment of their wishes. However, Tamaki Iroha has forgotten her wish. “What did I want when I became a magical girl? 』. A hole in everyday life. Something important that has been lost. Every day I keep fighting without knowing the reason … At that time, rumors begin to flow among the magical girls. “If you go to Kanhama, the magical girl will be saved”. Kanhama City, a city where magical girls and rumors…Continue reading

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