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7 Seeds (Dub)

7 Seeds (Dub) 6.52

Other Name: 7 Seeds, Seven Seeds, 7SEEDS

Summary: The story revolves around the lives of people "seed" after being thawed, what they have to face. It is not only a war with dangerous nature, but also between people. 7 seeds story about the human future after a disaster. There is a prediction in the near future that the meteorite will collide with the Earth creating a strong shock. It wipes out humans and severely affecting the Earth's ecology. Something like the "End of the world" that fortune tellers say every few years. In that dark perspective, scientists linked with governments of the countries implementing the "7 seeds" project. They choose healthy, talented youngsters with normal reproductive function and ice sleep. After the collision, until the Earth's environment detector was suitable for humans to live, these people would be thawed, brought to the ground. They begin a war of survival among other plants and animals.


7 Seeds (Dub)