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7 Seeds

7 Seeds 6.52

Other Name: 7 Seeds, Seven Seeds, 7SEEDS

Summary: 7 seeds set in a future when the whole earth has gone through a battle of destruction. Previously, scientists predicted that on this day, the earth will experience disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, ice ... that will cause people to completely perish. Many plans put in place for humans to overcome disasters, including making shelter, storing food ... But there is an opinion that if all are prepared and humans still cannot overcome ? Was the human race going extinct? So the new 7 seed project was born, which was to choose the elite people, to hibernate before the disaster occurred, until the earth was stable, the computer would calculate the suitable living environment, which would awaken. They wake up, they will continue to live, fight to survive in a new environment, continue to maintain the human race. There are many elite people who are difficult to choose from, so Japan has set a theme to make it easier to choose, which is based on the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The government will select people with names related to those four seasons, for example Hana (flower) will be in the spring team, Natsu (summer) will be in the summer team. So there will be 4 teams, each team will have seven people and a coach, this coach will be the one to explain and guide the seven other.


7 Seeds