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009 Re:Cyborg

009 Re:Cyborg 6.54

Other Name: 009 RE:CYBORG

Summary: The story is set in the present age of 2013. London, Moscow, Berlin, New York, Shanghai ... Skyscrapers in big cities collapse one after another, causing simultaneous multiple bombings. Indiscriminate terrorism, which did not know when and who intended it, plunged the world into anxiety and panic. There used to be nine cyborg warriors who saved people every time the world was in crisis. The zero-zero number cyborgs who had finished their role and returned to their homeland were about to regroup at the call of their creator, Dr. Gilmore. Meanwhile, Joe Shimamura, the Japanese leader of the Zero Zero Number Cyborg, 009, erased his memory of the past and lived alone in Roppongi, Tokyo. Joe, the last trump card of the cyborg warrior, was reset by Dr. Gilmore once every three years for 30 years and repeated his third year in high school. What is the culprit of the 9/11 bombings around the world? Who are they fighting for in the absence of heroes? What is the "justice" of the new era they face? When Joe's memory is awakened, a new battle of Zero Zero Number Cyborg begins!


009 Re:Cyborg